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Check Out The Woman Who Spent $3,300 On Clothes and Make Up As She Walked Into Delivery Room.

Mother spent $3,300 on clothes and make up as she walked into the delivery room ahead of Cesarean Operation.

Pregnancy is definitely a thing of joy especially for Emma Ford who couldn't keep still and even forked $3,300 on pre baby preparation. Days before her delivery, she got her lashes, nails, and hair expertly done and wore an extravagant dress from Macy's and four inch heels to show up at the maternity ward.

She even went to the maternity ward one day flaunting a $500 Michael Kors bag as her medical Park. The mum of two said.

"I love getting glammed up. I never go anywhere without makeup on and it was important to me this around that I look and feel my best when having my baby. "It's such a special moment and I wanted it to be perfect." 

When the big day finally arrived, the couple headed to the hospital. She dolled herself up with red lipstick, gold eyeshadow, face lashes and immaculate contouring - to share the experience with her 34,700 Instagram followers.

In order to look her best, she spent $3189 on hair and clothes.

Spa day: $423

Designer bag: $363

Outfit from Macy's: $205

Make-up: $120

Hair extension: $732

Hair wash and blow-dry: $145

Babymoonb (two nights hotel, food and fun): $1175

Total cost:$3189

Spa day: £350

"My husband was by my side through everything, reassuring and supporting me. "Minutes later, I heard little Solomon's first cry - we instantly fell in love.

"It was one of the best days of my life. I love the photos and videos we captured because I look and feel amazing too."

Emma has continued her glam routine since giving birth, making sure she's got a full face of make up every day.

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