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Eight Basic Rules of Belts You Must Abide By

Have you ever seen a well-dressed man only to look at their waist and see a strange-looking belt? Belts are one of those minor details many men miss when they dress. A typical belt does not just hold up your trousers but also accentuates your waist, further showing the cloth fitting. Despite its importance, many men wear them anyhow.

To ensure you are not breaking any belt rules, read the below rules.

1. You need different types of belts.

Wearing one belt for most of your trousers shows you don’t care about your dress. Meanwhile, your belt is as important as any other accessory or cloth. Every man should aspire to own at least three quality belts - one black leather belt, one brown leather belt, and another with fabric material.

2. Match your belt to your shoes

Ensure the color of your belt matches your shoes. In other words, a black belt should go with black shoes, and brown should go with brown shoes. You can blend your fabric belts with any casual shoes.

3. The details of the belts should blend with the shoes.

Aside from the color, the details or finishing on your belt should match your shoes. If you wear shining shoes, your belt must also be glossy enough. Also, plain shoes should go with a plain belt.

4. Complement your belt with casual wear

Your belt doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as your casual shoes. Just ensure they suit each other. For example, white sneakers can blend with a light brown belt conveniently.

5. Match the metal parts of your belt with other metal elements on you

If you have a gold buckle on your belt, ensure the metal strap on your shoes, cufflinks, watch, and jacket button is gold.

6. Consider the size of the belt.

Wear wide belts for casual occasions and tiny belts for formal events.

7. Brown belts are flexible.

You can wear your brown belts with any color of suit or jacket, except brown.

8. Avoid short belts

Belts come in different shapes and sizes, and most can be adjusted to your waist size. However, any belt smaller than your waist makes you look like a kid.

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