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Extreme and soft make-up looks that will make you swoon. No 2 literally looks like Aang from Avatar

Extreme and soft make-up looks that will make you swoon. No 2 literally looks like Aang from Avatar

We all know make up is evolving. Nowadays, it's more of an a way to show your artistic side as you will see in these pictures.


1. Gorgeous yellow hue eye makeup. Note the lack of lipstick. All she did to achieve this gorgeous lips was clear lipgloss and lip liner.

2. I mean ... she's female Aang from Avatar the last Airbender, giving off supernatural and baddie vibes.

3. Blue eyeshadow and daring colourful fish designs.

4. No eyeshadow, but neon orange eyeliner underneath black eyeliner. Orange is a beautiful colour on dark skin.

5. This is some serious artwork with multicolored stones. She looks just like an ancient princess.

6. Once again, orange and melanin go really well together.

7. Once again stones are user for this soft, girly look.

8. A mix of pink and purple eyeshadow enhanced with this beautiful 3D lashes. Note the bottom lashes.

9. She looks like a water princess from Avatar

10. I applaud this! Glow in the dark ink? Genius. Pink sparkly clouds? Genuiser! Lol

11. This is a look that can only be described as soft. Lovely.

12. Once again note the bottom lashes. The blend of orange and yellow is daring.13. this is hilarious, showing the difference between eye makeup in 2009 and 2018. It's evolved greatly.

14. Ive had this picture for a long time. Iys just amazing. It looks like there's a game on her face.

15. Mmmmm, water melon. Lovely bottom lashes.

16. Once again, glow in the dark ink and clouds

17. So simple and yet so bold and daring.

18. Thid is a gorgeous play of colors on a gorgeous dark canvas.

19. She's crying colour!

20. A field of flowers are on her eyes

21. Wow, just wow.

22. Gorgeous.

23. Bright daring colours.

24. She looks ready to act as a fairy in a movie.

25. Once again, bottom lashes.

26. Blue eyeshadow below the eyes just made her eyes pop!

I love how many of them aren't even wearing lipstick but are glamming things up with lipgloss and lip liner. It gives a good natural look which is what many ladies crave.

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