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5 Mistakes Every Barber Should Avoid When Barbing Afro Hair

Most barbers find it difficult to handle Afro hair nicely, this could be because of a couple of factors, in which we shall be discussing a few in this article.

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Note that Afro hair mistakes are not limited to beginners alone, professionals are also faced with challenges of handling Afro hair, which if not curtailed will lead to more damage to the clients' hair.

1. Using Too Much Force

For every barber out there, the term “trimming” shouldn't be a strange word, trimming is one of the major things you do when handling Afro hair.

As such, it is important to note that the hair is fragile and does not require too much force while trimming, else, you might make an irreversible mistake that can ruin your effort.

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2. Getting The Hair Length Wrong

Barbing Afro hair is one thing that requires the barbers’ mathematical ability. When you fail to analyze the hair length correctly while trimming, you might end up barbing a skin cut or a low cut.

Your measurement of the hair length should be precise and equal in all directions.

3. Cutting Too Close

This falls in line with measuring the hair length. While trimming to get the perfect hair length, avoid taking your clippers too close, it saves you the mistake of cutting too low. 

4. Wrong Usage Of Scissors

As a barber, you should know when and when not to use a pair of scissors on hair. However, not all Afro cuts require the use of scissors. Therefore, your logic is needed here.

5. Hair Growth Direction

Finally, you are the main determinant of which direction the hair should grow, this means you have to be mindful when trimming to get the exact direction of the hair. Thanks.

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