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9 Dangerous Fashion Items That Are Causing More Harm Than Good To Your Health

Isn't it difficult to stay fashionable? You must keep up with the latest fashion trends, choose clothing and accessories that flatter your figure, and so on. 

Did you realize that many of the most popular fashion items might actually do more harm than good if they are not used properly? 

For example, high heels are known as 'killer heels' for a reason; it is a scientifically proven fact that wearing tight jeans for an extended period of time can cause nerve damage; 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra, with 70 percent wearing too tight bras, causing a slew of issues in women, including sleep problems.There are other examples like this.

Let's take a look at the issues that a few of these fashion items can cause, as well as potential solutions. 

You may not be aware of the health risks associated with these stylish goods.

1. Pencil Skirts 

Pencil skirts are elegant, powerful, and sleek. Are you aware that pencil skirts can bind your knees? It makes bending difficult and is linked to disc problems and muscle pulls. 

Solution: Try going down a size or wearing them just on special occasions. You may always combine your shirt and shoes with a pair of pants that you can carry with you and change into if you become uncomfortable.

2. High-heeled shoes 

Although pointy shoes may appear glamorous and sleek, they can cause corns and bunions because the toes are pulled together. If such footwear is worn for an extended period of time, the condition can become worse. 

Solution: Try to spend as little time as possible in such shoes. When you're seated and working, take them off, and put them on when you need to move around.

3. Shapewear that is too tight 

To get into that unforgiving bandage dress, people need a little help from their trusted shapewear. On a daily basis, it is advisable to dress comfortably. Shapewear that fits well is beneficial for your posture, but shapewear that is excessively tight and confining will make you feel claustrophobic, unable to breathe, and unable to move.

A decent pair of shapewear can assist maintain the back straight, but overly tight ones are too confining. It's possible that you're having trouble breathing deeply. This can put strain on the spine, resulting in severe back discomfort. 

Solution: Avoid using shapewear on a daily basis. Choose the appropriate size of shapewear to aid optimal blood circulation.

4. Skinny Jeans 

Skinny jeans elongate the legs and offer the impression of added height. They can, however, obstruct blood flow to the lower legs, resulting in muscular injury.

These jeans are fitting at the waist, hips, and calves. It puts pressure on joints, which can cause leg discomfort, and the tightness around the waist may decrease metabolism. 

Solution: Order custom-tailored jeans with a little more room in the waist and buttocks. Wear such a tight attire for a short period of time. Avoid wearing such garments for the entire day.

5. A Bra that Doesn't Fit 

The majority of women wear an incorrectly sized bra. Such women may have neck, back, and breast pain as a result of their poor decision. Aside from that, too tight bras make it difficult to breathe and circulate blood in the body. 

Get the proper size. It shouldn't be too snug or too loose. Consider sleeping without a bra, as tight bras have been shown to disrupt sleep.

6. Heavy earrings 

Bulky jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces, are commonly worn by ladies nowadays. When paired with a gown, a set of earrings can dramatically change the way it looks. When women wear earrings for an extended period of time, the piercing of the ear is stretched out, putting pressure on the ear cartilage.

Neck pain and headaches may result as a result. Heavy necklaces, sometimes known as "statement necklaces," put pressure on the back of the neck, causing poor posture, neck pain, and shoulder impingement. 

Solution: Wear such jewelry only for a short period of time. Lighter-weight jewelry is a good choice.

7. Handbags that are too heavy 

Tote bags or thick purses are fashionable, and they allow you to fit more items inside them, such as computers, chargers, beauty kits, and so on, saving time and making you look more organized. Carrying a large purse on a frequent basis, on the other hand, might cause back and shoulder strain. 

Remove superfluous objects on a regular basis as a solution. Carry the bag with both hands alternately.

8. Low-cost jewelry 

Cheap jewelry, usually of low quality imitation jewelry, is cheap because everything in it is of the lowest quality. On the surface, such jewelry appears to be highly sparkly and appealing, but it is heavily loaded with dangerous and harmful chemicals and compounds like Nickel and Chromium, which can induce adverse skin reactions. 

Wear them during the day, but take them off as soon as you get home. Purchase high-quality. Replace such jewelry with real or high-quality artificial jewelry as often as possible.

9. Thongs

Thongs are a favored undergarment for many ladies since they avoid pantylines and are appropriate for a variety of circumstances and outfits. Thongs, on the other hand, can be harmful to your health.

These undergarments are not composed of cotton, which causes irritation by preventing the covered areas from breathing naturally. They also don't absorb sweat, which can lead to an increase in bacteria buildup and infection in those places. 

Solution: After each use, wash it. If you sweat excessively or are uncomfortable, don't wear it. Maintain a clean and dry private place.

These are some examples of how regularly worn fashion items can create health issues, and how most of these issues can be avoided by following basic precautions.

Do you have any examples of how fashion has harmed your health? Drop your comments below and share this with someone.

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