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Corporate wears for official use and outings

What you wear says a lot about you and your personality. Also, what makes you a woman is not just your ability to cook, take care of the house, please your men or go to work. Your sense of humor and fashion matters alot.

It's said that he who educate a woman, educate a nation Why! I guess you are trying to guess the answer hmmm!

Woman are strong channels through which God brings in a being to the world through procreation. Woman are great mothers and a mother nurtures her child or children. A teacher nurtures her pupils with edifying words and teaches them how things Alto be.

A woman or lady's way of dressing speaks her mind and it has a way of affecting positively or negativity those around her and the society at large.

Below are lovely corporate wears fit for office use or any corporate outing.

Corporate wear gives a good impression to people about who you are. Some persons dislike corporate wears because the are scared of people seeing them serious ladies or woman. Snap of that idea!

Corporate wear makes you look smarter and it saves you from unserious people. It's in various forms like gowns, skirts and top, trousers,etc If you don't love A, definitely you will love B or C ie A gown,B skirts,C trouser.

It's high time we stepped out of seeking for permission to look good and presentable.

As a woman or future mother to be,make sure you are directly and indirectly bringing up fashionisters in your home by dressing smartly with right shoes,hand bags and accessories to avoid committing fashion blunder

Be that woman your husband always hang out with to official meeting with.Most times he attends meeting with his secretary is not just because of taking official record but because you can't dress like her.

Work on yourself! Remember official wears suits even brest feeding mothers at home and also pregnant women too!!

And to the singles, don't let your shape or height be the problem. Choose corporate wears that look good on you and become your boss favorite secretary.

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