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Up North vs down South, which will you go for? (See photos)

Disclaimer: this Article isn't intended to promote social or religious beliefs, it is just to show the diversity and beauty in difference. I hope you enjoy your time while reading through..

As fashion is evolving, both northern and southern Nigerian girls are not Left behind. Fashion in northern Nigeria is quit different in southern Nigeria. Most northern girls are always s referred to as closed doors, while southern girls are known open doors.

Northern girls:

Girls from northern Nigeria are mostly muslim. According to the teachings of Islam, covering up is very important because it shows that they aren't only beautiful, but also precious.

girls from southern Nigeria:

Girls from this part of this part of the country dress differently because their religion permits them to. Girls down south are beautiful and good looking.

So guys which would you go for up north or down south? Don't forget to like, share and follow ilyas Tahir...

Content created and supplied by: Ilyastahir (via Opera News )

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