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You'll stop wearing your boxers for 2—3 days after reading this.

Whoever is well acquainted with the knowledge of what goes on in the men's world would understand that it isn't a big deal to discover some boys or even men wearing their underwear especially boxers for more than 24hrs while some even go to the extreme of wearing it for three to four days.

Though this may sound unhygienic its nothing but the gospel truth and would be attested to by any person who is truly knowledgeable about the men's world.

However this piece is interested in making you understand the health hazards of this unhealthy practice and I'm super sure you'll wanna stop the habit after reading this,

1. Bad odours

This can be attested to by people who practice this unhealthy habit, the sweat around the boxers linger on the body surface and leads to not so nice odours.

2. Yeast infections

This is a serious health complication commonly found in women but can affect men who repeat boxers commonly.

The most serious aspect of it all is that this yeast infections can only be treated with antibiotics and they take a pretty long time to heal up.

3. Acne and skin problem

since repeating boxers prevent your skin from getting the fresh air they deserve, expectedly irritations will occur causing the skin to develop pimple like surfaces making it rough and unattractive.

I believe with the above three points especially 2 and 3 you will agree with me that wearing your boxers for more than 24hrs is really bad and it'll be the best decision if you give up on doing so.

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Content created and supplied by: Chris_B (via Opera News )


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