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7 Types Of Footwear Every Man Needs

Shoes are more than covered items that protect the feet. They are a style, a statement, personality, and a way to enhance beauty. Therefore, investing in good shoes is a decision you will never regret. Even if you don’t have the best shoes in your wardrobe, you should own some shoe types that ensure you rock any occasion conveniently. To ensure you are not caught doing late-night shopping for shoes, read this article to learn more

1. Oxford shoes

You don’t have to be in the corporate world before you own a pair of Oxford shoes. Aside from the workplace, you can also wear formal shoes to dinner dates, meeting with a potential client in your business field, or a wedding party. 

2. Sandals

Sandals are open casual footwear with straps holding the soles and upper part together. They are suitable for outdoor events, such as birthday parties or beach events. Also, sandals are comfortable and stable on the legs, making them a perfect fit for an event that requires walking up and down.

3. Sneakers

Of course! Everyone needs a pair of sneakers before their shoe collection is complete. Go for comfy sneakers that make movement effortless. Also, ensure the soles are light and fit all types of surfaces. White, blue, grey, and black sneakers are the best neutral colors.

4. Slippers

Slippers leave a large part of the legs open, ensuring your feet receive enough air. Aside from your home slippers, you should own casual ones for a quick errand or a short visit to a friend’s place. Examples of suitable slippers are slides, flip-flops, and palms. 

5. Moccasin

Moccasins are shoes that provide enhanced comfort with enough footbeds for your feet. The shoes usually feature soft leather, which ensures there is enough room for your feet. Most men prefer them due to their elegant look.

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