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4 Signs that Don't Mean You Should Discard Your Clothes

We only discard our clothes when they start showing signs of wear and tear. Some of these signs may include loose or missing buttons, holes, torn pockets, etc. You are doing a good job if you make it part of your routine to check your clothes for these signs. Wearing torn clothes or clothes with missing buttons isn't appropriate.

However, you may need to slow down before ditching some of your clothes. That's because certain tear signs aren't enough to discard the clothes. In other words, some signs only need amendment to get them back in the right shape. Learn about the signs in this article and how to restore your clothes to their attractive shape.

Missing buttons

At first, one or two missing buttons might look like a clear sign of tear, but you should check for other signs. If your shirt still has its bright color intact and shows no sign of fading, then it's worth keeping. All you need is to replace the buttons. Thankfully, some quality cloth brands do include side buttons on the inner of their shirts.

Torn pockets

The torn pockets of your trousers could result from sharp objects you put in them in the past. It isn't worth throwing away the entire trousers or dress. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, get it fixed by giving it to your tailor.

Frayed denim

Old denim jeans often show worn-out signs around the pockets, fly front, and hems. However, if your jeans still fit your body without slouching, you should keep them. Besides, fraying is a good style, so rock your denim confidently.

Undone seams

We have at one time, or the other noticed our favorite garment looking undone at one of its seams. All you need to do is to stitch it using a needle and thread by following its original line. Also, you may hold the seams together with safety pins.

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