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Skin Care

7 Things You Should Not Apply On Your Face

Your face is one of the vital areas in your body that determines your health status, hence the reason you have to be very conscious of what you apply to it. These days, the internet, markets, and even stores are filled with umpteen beauty hacks for a radiant face. But the question remains, are you the type that loves applying numerous kinds of products or ingredients on your face?

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Though some products may give instant results, they can prove to be detrimental over time. So if you are still wondering whether some skin products or ingredients are good for your facial skin or not, you should read this article to the end. That being said, below are the things you ought to avoid applying on your face.

1. Sugar

It is not recommended to apply sugar on your face because it is abrasive for your skin, which eventually leads to redness, dryness of the skin, and irritation.

2. Paraben

Some shampoo lotions and many other skincare products often contain paraben as an ingredient, which is a very harmful chemical that can cause hormonal imbalance by influencing the estrogen in your body. To avoid using paraben, ensure you check the label on the product before buying.

3. Body Lotion

Some people tend to use body lotion on their face whenever they run out of their regular face cream. Body lotion is greasier and thicker in density, its oil texture can clog facial skin pores and cause an acne breakout on your face.

4. Hot Water

It is not advisable to wash your face with hot water, use lukewarm water instead. Applying hot water may cause burn, make your face to be dry and dull, and can also reduce the moisture in your skin.

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5. Toothpaste

I'm sure you are very familiar with toothpaste. I mean the one you use in brushing your teeth. Using toothpaste on your face can lead to infections, burns, and irritation. This is as a result of the strong ingredients use in making it.

6. Coconut Oil

Don't be surprised yet. Coconut oil usage is not recommended for people with oily skin, because coconut itself is a good carrier of oil. So in that case, if you are sure you have oily skin, please avoid using coconut oil on your face because it can cause an acne breakout.

7. Lemon

There is no doubt that lemon is indeed good for our health. It is enriched with vitamin C and other vital nutrients. But, the truth be told, lemon juice or raw lemon slices may cause more harm than good when applied to the face. This is because lemon makes your skin sensitive to light due to the chemical substance called psoralen in it. In that case, going out under the sun after using lemon can result in chemical burn.

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