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Trendy Ways To Pack The Natural Hair

Trendy Ways To Pack The Natural Hair.

The Natural hair can be very difficult and painful to pack. Ladies who keep their hair in it's natural form can tell you the pain they go through in getting their hair done. Although not all natural hair are painful but most of them always are.

Due to the pain the natural hair give some ladies, most of them prefer not to braid it but to pack it in such a way that it will look neat and beautify their appearance. Ofcourse, packing the natural hair to also has its problems and difficulty but with the trendy ways the natural hair are being packed nowadays, the painful aspect of it has being solved.

There are various ways the natural hair can be styled and packed. It can be packed as a twist and scarf updo, a Bantu knots, a braid out style, a spiraled braid, a top bun, a Marley twist, a box braid Bantu knot, a cinnamon roll updo, Goddess braid and many more.

The twist and scarf updo is a way of packing the natural hair by twisting the front of the hair and putting the back of the hair in a pretty updo. Then you can tie a scarf around the hair to complete the hairdo.

The Bantu knots is another way of styling the natural hair in which the hair is rolled up in small circles. No interlocking or twisting is done in this hairstyle.

Below are some trendy ways of packing the natural hair:

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Bantu Marley Natural Hair


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