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Things To Learn From Saskay and Liquorose's Recent Appearance, That Will Inspire Fashion Lovers

I always tell people that fashion is not just about the dress you wear, there are other basic things every fashionista must consider when dressing.

In this fashion content, it consists of basic things every fashion lover should consider when dressing, by using the recent appearance of 2 Big Brother Naija Stars, Saskay and Liquorose as a case study.

Every young lady who loves fashion, and wants to look stunning when stepping out, should gain inspiration from the recent fashion sense of Saskay and Liquorose, so their fashion sense can also increase.

1. Their Perfect Choice of Attire and Its Colour: The both celebrities wore a sweet corporate wear, and also the colour of their wear matched their skin tone, and made them look matured and captivating.

Every fashionista should always be considerate of their colour of outfit, because the colour of your attire has a greater role to play in your appearance. Always make choice of colours that will perfect your skin tone as a lady.

In the above photo, Liquorose rocked a black trouser and a brown colour suit top. We all know that black is a primary colour that perfects any other colour. So her choice for wearing a black trouser, was perfect because it compliments her attire colour and also her skin.

I admire the designs on her cloth, it has a matured design, and it also gave the wearer a sweet and captivating appearance. Such is a corporate appearance that is perfect for any special outdoor events, and also official activities.

The appearance of Saskay above is an inspiring corporate dress, that should be copied by young girls who are official workers. Her mixture and choice of colour was perfect and topnotch. This is among the best corporate dress I have seen as a fashionista.

I admire the simplicity in her dress sewing, and how it made her look matured and attractive to sight.

2. Saskay's Choice of Handbag/Colour and footwear was perfect.

Her choice of handbag and it's colour was great, it proves her high sense of fashion. We all know that the perfect type of footwear for such dress, is a classy high heels, which she rocked above. We all can see how the heels added more value to her appearance.

Her hand-bag's colour was also perfect because of how it compliments her appearance, making her look perfect like a boss lady. Such appearance is cool for official works.

3. Liquorose's Face Makeup and Hairstyles was perfect.

She did a simple makeup application on her face, which brightened her facial beauty and made her glow. Also her drawing of eye pencil and eye shadow, was inspiring as it's simple and matured.

Her hairstyle is another fashion sense that is worth copying. I love the plaiting style and the length. The hairstyle and colour also played a good role in perfecting her appearance.

Every young fashionista who wants to always look great when stepping out, should gain inspiration from the recent appearance of Saskay and Liquorose.

Photo Credit: Instagram / saskayofficial, liquorose.

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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