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"Make him want more of you" - These are the things your man wants you to wear in bed.

Apparently, all men love to see their women look so good and beautiful and it's not just about out of bed. They love to see their women look so packaged and gorgeous.

Ladies, you have to start wearing this things in bed for your man. He might not say it but he wants you to.

1. Oversized T-shirts - The movies don’t lie. There’s nothing like a girl in a plain old big shirt strutting around the room. It makes men wonder if she’s even wearing anything beneath.

2. Only underwear - Men love to see their women in only under wears. It makes their head sparkle and it makes you more attractive to them.

3. Socks - it might sound funny but socks can definitely add some sauce to the juice when you are in bed with him.

4. Pyjamas - definitely! men wants to see their women in pyjamas on bed. It makes you look cool and innocent to them.

5. His shirt - a man seeing you on his shirt makes him happy and feel a sense of being loved. He will look at you often and you will definitely see that love in his eyes.

6. A colourful night gown - men love colourful clothes on their women but not just in the day but at night when you are in bed too. Always wear a colourful night gown.

7. Nothing - Surely you saw this coming. Why waste time wearing clothes when they are just for decoration right?

Wearing all these will always make your man want more of you.

Guys, if there’s anything left out from this list. Feel free to share by dropping your comment. There’s every guarantee that ladies have their eyes on this, and a making notes.

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