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How to Look Beautiful Without Applying Makeup

Wearing makeup all the time can be very stressful and can also make you feel uncomfortable. Even if you really love makeup with all your heart, there are still some days you will feel very reluctant and also not in the mood to grab an eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick, powder or apply foundation on your face. But then you still have to attend the event in a very grand style and your face has to glow and also shine wherever you go. If your face is covered with blemishes and you have a skin complexion that doesn't match your taste, I'm sure you wouldn’t want anyone around you to notice them, would you? That’s the main reason you should know these simple beauty hacks on how to look very beautiful and adorable even without makeup. 


Here is what you need to do if you still want to look beautiful without make-up:


1. Try to eat healthily and drink enough water.

Your skin is a full reflection of what really goes on in your entire body system. You may apply very nice body products, but the truth is that you won't look beautiful outwardly if you don't eat healthily.

 Try to take control of what you eat and also how you eat. Hence, the first tip on how to appear very beautiful even without makeup is for you to have a healthy meal and also drink enough water. These two can not really be overemphasised, nor can they be underestimated or underrated.

It is true that you are what you eat, and as such, you must ensure that whatever goes into your mouth is something very nourishing enough to reflect positively on your outward appearance.


Add enough vegetables and fruits to every meal you eat. Most importantly, endeavour to drink enough water to remove unwanted toxins from your body, get rid of wrinkles, and also help your skin stay completely hydrated.

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