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How to Style a Tank Top

If you are particular about making a great appearance this summer, you should consider getting a tank top. A tank top gives you much freedom while emphasizing your style. As an undershirt, a tank top can be a great partner to your jacket and other clothes. But this is just one way of wearing it. There are other ways to style your tank top that you have not even thought about. Get some inspiration from this article as we discuss the many ways you can appear handsome in this sleeveless cloth.

Wear it boldly

One way to wear your tank top is to wear it boldly. What is there to hide? To get more out of this style, get a bright-colored tank top and pair it with a denim pair of jeans trousers.

Wear under a flannel shirt

A tank top can add to your simplicity when you wear it underneath a flannel shirt or any suitable shirt. Play around with your shirt by buttoning it halfway, knotting the front, or leaving it open.

Wear a jacket or blazer

A tank top and a blazer or suit jacket can make for comfortable formal wear and elegance. If the weather seems chilly, you can add your thick jacket or bomber jacket.

Wear with skirt

A tank top is an excellent add-on to any of your skirts. Simple based your outfit on two colors to further make you the center of attraction. For instance, you can choose a plain red tank top over a maxi skirt, patterned skirt, or straight skirt. Wear this alone or layer with a short jacket. 

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