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Secrets that makes a man look younger.

Looking younger is very easy. if you are willing to make some changes into your lifestyle and appearance. Start this by choosing a good haircut and upgrade your wardrobe to go with the latest trends. Moisturize your skin, whiten your teeth, to maintain a youthful shine. Eat a healthy diet, avoid eating out a lot and appreciate your wife's cooking. Work out regularly to burn unwanted fat from your excessive consumption of beer and wine. Always think positively, because having a beautiful heart will reflect in your looks. Keep in mind that you will get old someday, as some young ones sometimes, tries to look older.

To look younger comes with a lot of commitment, but very easy. You just have to go with the flow.

1. Always choose easy and trendier hairstyle that suit your face and taste. Know your expectations. If you are balding and you started having a receding hairline, try shaving your head.

2. Try dyeing or triming your graying hair and look ten times younger. And avoid dyeing your hair bright with unusual colour.

3. Go through your wardrobe, identify outdated clothes and update to trendier and new ones. Put out the old ones for charity and buy clothes that fits.

4. Take care of your skin to make it younger, healthier and shiny. Act like a youth!

5. Trim your eyebrows, nose and ear hair to get rid of unwanted hair. Pay attention to the back of your neck as well as they needed to be smooth and clear.

6. Get a teeth whitening treatment to keep it bright and clean. Brush your teeth twice daily.

7. Eat healthy diet and work out daily to shed any excessive fat. Stay fit!

8. Get more sleep to feel younger and alert. Or you can read bedtime stories, if sleep doesn't come easily.

9. Always stand and sit up stright to look lean and confident. Have someone monitor how you do this to caution you.

10. Limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking to avoid premature aging.

11. Expose yourself to new experience. Be social and alert.

12. Say "Yes" more often than "No". Be spontaneous and optimistic.

13. Forget about acting your age and enjoy yourself. Play games you love and be happy.

14. Engage in activities you enjoyed while you were younger. Doing things you love daily makes you feel younger.

Don't change your wardrobe overnight. Just try to Make gradual changes overtime or everyday, so that your behaviour feels and look authentic and not fake. Do this and enjoy a wonderful journey to looking younger.

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