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Weird fashion styles that were so popular in the past

Looking back now, it’s still hard to explain why these fashion trends were so popular back then.

Fashion is always changing, and there is no way to know how long trends will last. Here is a roundup of one-time modern fashion trends so you can remember and smile at what previous generations strived to look like.

The popular “honeycomb” hairstyle of the 60s

Beehives hair, also known as “honeycomb” hair, is a one-time hit hairstyle in the 60s fashion industry. The highlight of Beehive’s hair is the large volume on the top of the head. This hairstyle is usually much larger than the average woman’s head. The creator of this “legendary” hairstyle is first lady Jackie Kennedy. She started this hairstyle and took care of it, sometimes it even took several hours to complete this hairstyle.

mullet hair

Mullet hair is a hairstyle that is cut short in the front and long in the back, covering the nape of the neck. Mullet hair used to storm Hollywood in the 80s. Most both men and women love this hairstyle, some celebrities like John Travolta, Al Pacino, Billy Ray Cyrus and Charlie Sheen have enjoyed their mullet hair.

90s tribal tattoo

If you watch many American movies of the 90s, you will easily come across tribal tattoos like this one. Originally, these tattoos were brought to Europe by sailors from Polynesia. After appearing in many movies, this tattoo has been favored by many people because of its clear image, strong lines and quite eye-catching.

Super thin eyebrows in the 2000s

These ultra-thin eyebrows were fashionable in the period 1990-2000. Famous artists who used to love this trend include: Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani.

1980s gym wear style

The bright, baggy gymwear fad was once loved by many for its level of comfort and freedom, ease of dressing, and gender neutrality.

Plastic headband and earrings bông

The once hot trend not only appeared abroad, in Vietnam, women were also quite fond of colorful plastic headbands, earrings, lolipop candy hair bands… “head” of the young people of the past.

Skinny jeans from the 2010s

These skinny jeans look good on women, but not on men… not! However, this fashion style is still popular with some guys, sometimes looking back now, you just want to quickly burn the picture, so…

Content created and supplied by: Matthew_The_Psalmist (via Opera News )

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