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Stop Advising Me To Dress Hot And Wear Makeup - Angela Blasts Trolls

Popular online therapist and spiritualist, Angela Nwosu blast fans on social media, for always telling her to dress well and wear makeup.

Angela Nwosu took to her Facebook page to express how she normally feels when people advise her to dress s*xy and wear makeup. She said, severally she has opened up to people about the lifestyle she has chosen, that she prefer dressing "local" and be making money, because wearing makeup would not add money into her account.

Angela Nwosu futher explained that, she hate it with passion when people advise her to apply makeup and look hot, she asked that if makeup should be everything why some lady with heavy makeup and hot dresses are still single, but herself is married to a handsome man while she doesn't wear makeup and hot outfits. Angela Nwosu, after warned her fans that always promote such advise to stop, that her lovely husband wouldn't have married her in the first place if she was a makeup lover.

However, I would say that, Angela openly cleared her conscience to those giving her such advises. It's quite understandable that not everyone likes makeup, some people likes to look natural and simple. When we talk about locality isn't for those who wear or who doesn't wear makeup. People who doesn't wear makeup are not local. As a lady, you can choose to wear no makeup and still look more beautiful than people who applied makeup on their face. it's only negative mindsets thinks that ladies without makeup are dirty or has no fashion sense. It's totally unacceptable.

It's a good advise for ladies who always listings to their fellow ladies, forcing them to wear makeup to look more attractive. Be yourself and never let anyone to intimidate you with their own style of living. Remember you have your own life to live, don't copy a lifestyle you don't like just to please other people.

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