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Checkout Amazing Dress Styles From BBNaija Housemate, Boma Akpore’s Closet.

Many people do not pay attention to male fashion, this is because there are a lot of men who does not know how to dress up in public. They are comfortable in adorning themselves in any type of outfits they lay their hands upon, this is because they have other important things to think about.

The Big Brother Naija television reality show is back on our television screens, it is a show which consists of twenty housemates with only one winner emerging out of the house. We have been introduced to 10 different male housemates already, but Boma Akpore caught my interest. He is a handsome young man, having an exquisite taste in fashion comes easy to him.

Boma Akpore was an only child who grew up in Nigeria, however he had strived hard to make a name for himself over the years. He is a New York based model who pursued his passion in acting, he had appeared in many American movies and had done Nigeria proud.

Boma is a well established individual even before coming on the show, he might want to use this platform to extend his audience in Nigeria. Boma’s closet had caught my attention, he has various dress styles which speaks of class and influence. It’s obvious that he has a skilled fashion designer styling him to taste.

Boma pays a lot of attention to his body, it happens that he gyms a lot. He had once wanted to play soccer when he was young, but that changed when he got a modeling gig that transformed his life. He became one of the sought after model, he went on to model for top designer brands such as JD 7.

There are different dress styles which had been rocked by Boma over the years, given his Nigerian background, he had adorned himself in some of the traditional outfits which has a unique design complimenting his body structure perfectly well. The African dress styles is an amazing outfit which portrays certain cultures and traditions to the world.

Living in America, he has a niche for wearing english dress styles. Outfits such as the suit complimented with shoes polished with utmost care. The suit dress style is most suitable for formal events, it has also been the major outfits rocked by grooms on their wedding day. Men rocking this outfit look sharp and are admired by the public.

Celebrities can be your go-to person when it comes to fashionable outfits. This is because they are always in the public eyes, wearing the best dress styles would always be their priority. They can not risk to afford a fashion disaster in public, it may have a devastating effect on their brand.

Shirts and jean trousers are another set of outfits rocked by Boma over the years, it could be noticed that he likes flying out his shirt revealing his well toned body and the six-packs which can’t be overlooked. This set of dress styles had been worn by young men of class and valor, it gives off a calm vibe to the people.

The Senator wears is another type of outfit which are rocked by the rich and influential in the society, Boma is a well established individual who can purchase any outfit of his choice. He has a good pose position, allowing the camera to capture his best fashion moment.

The most fascinating aspect of male fashion, they do not need sophisticated outfits before they slay out in public. They are aware of the fact that simple outfits with the right accessories combinations is dope, would make them the centre of attention. Men like to rock their outfits with chain and pendant, which is also a great fashion addition.

Fashion is the physical representation of one’s personality to the public, the way that you are dressed would influence how you would be addressed in public. Irrespective of your gender, you should ensure that you wear decent outfits in public. This act would earn you respect from people, allowing them to follow your fashion trend.

Boma’s choice of footwear needs to be studied, he is a man of color. He is aware of the fact that both black and brown shoes compliments any type of outfits, were it to be traditional attires or english wears. As a man, your shoes are what people first notice about you in public.

Boma being one of the housemates in the sixth season of the reality television show has left some excited, they hope to see him rock more fashionable outfits in the house. He is indeed an handsome young man, he knows his way around fashion.

The turtle neck outfit is another amazing dress style which would fit perfectly in your closet, they are designed in such a way to keep you warm and comfortable during cold weather. You dress style is not complete without a coat, which forms the outer layer of your outfits.

Boma runs a verified Instagram account, this means that he was already popular even before getting on the show. However, his popularity seems to have skyrocketed since many people are now talking about him. That is the purpose of the show, giving people fame and the platform to reach a larger audience.

Tailors and fashion designers are working round the clock to develop new dress style, this is to sooth the constant demands of fashionistas all around the world. Fashion is the way if life, we all cannot do without having an outfit to compliment our body structure.

Boma hairstyle is another aspect of his fashion taste you should pay attention to. He rocks the dread style perfectly well, being in the states had changed his perception about male fashion. People who do not value male fashion would have a change of mind. Seeing his closet speaks of him being the king of fashion.

Colors forms the depth of your fashion taste, flashy ones draws attention towards you. There are certain types of colors which compliments each other perfectly, like a black outfit complimented with a brown shoe.

Some other color combination might lead to a fashion disaster, always consult experienced fashion designers before you choose any outfits from Boma’s closet.

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