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How To Keep Your Shoes from Peeling

While each type of footwear requires special care and attention, there are still general rules and guidelines for ensuring you get the most value from each pair. To avoid the stress of trying to fix peeling footwear, you can prevent this from happening by:

1. Invest in shoe racks; If you need to store your shoes, don't just keep them in a big bag.

Instead, buy a shoe rack and use it to ensure your shoes are well arranged. This will help in keeping the shoe surface neat and also avoid the problems of stretching or shrinking that can actually lead to peeling. The reason why it isn't advisable to store shoes in the bag is because they would be affected by heat and this can lead to peeling.

2. Keep your shoes out of direct sunlight. Many people make the mistake of leaving their shoes in direct sunlight or near heat sources because they want the shoes to smell.


This is a very terrible mistake as your footwear will absorb the heat and start stretching or peeling. Always ensure your shoes are in a very cool and dry place.

3. Try to keep your shoes clean and regularly polish them.

This might look very simple, but it will pay off. When it comes to the area of caring for your shoes, always make sure they are very clean. This does not mean washing your shoes every evening, but carefully cleaning them immediately after use and airing them. Accumulated dirt and sand will surely make your shoes break down as they damage the surface of the shoe.

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