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Skin Care

5 Risks Women Face When Sleeping With Makeup On

Going to bed without removing (washing) that beautiful makeup on your face is not only bad for the health of your skin but you're one step closer to the worst nightmare your face will ever experience.

This article will reveal some reasons why it is unhealthy for you to go to bed with all that layer of makeup unwashed. Check them out:

1. Premature Aging.

It will interest you to know that when you don't clean those artificial contours on your facial skin, you're possibly going to expose your face to a milieu of dust pores, fumes and gases that smash down the collagen of your skin as a result of a deep-seated reaction of causes to bad skin.

Blackheads, fine lines, pores and wrinkles are certainly an end products of this reaction and this residue is only responsible for making you look 2 days older when you sleep with that makeup on.

The best and most recommended anti-aging solution is for you to wash the makeup of your face every night and again in the morning.

2. Pimples or Acne.It's important for you to know that the skin consist of pores that makes us sweat, ooze out waxy lubricants, salt and serums. By sleeping in your makeup, you choose to clog-in these pores.

According to dermatologist, sleeping in makeup every night is one of the worst skin cause that usually makes our skin unhealthy inside out.

3. Eye Infection.

It has been discovered that sleeping in your makeup results in the drying up of the eyelid and the skin around the eyes, thereby, causing itching, which is a direct symptom of contagion.

4. Dryness.

Applying too much of moisturizer on your skin in an attempt to care for it is of no use because it will not get absorbed into your skin pores.

Instead, it will clog the pores, thereby triggering a layer of dead skin cells on your face which is the origin of dryness and one of the biggest bad skin causes.

5. InflammationOne of the dangers of you sleeping with your makeup on is that you may end up with swollen cheek glands and eyelids in the morning.

If you don't want to live with that big face that has no cheekbones to exhibit, you should always be sure to remove your makeup every night no matter how much you partied or how tired you are.

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Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )


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