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For men: 5 ways to wear separate outfit combinations

It is general knowledge that your style isn’t reflected in the clothes you wear but in your combinations. How you combine your clothes can make or mar your outfit. It is why celebrities and most women are always put together. When it comes to men’s clothing, men like to stay on the safe side. They mostly play by the rules by putting on the typical shirt and jeans, dress shirt and pants, or a complete suit. 

However, a simple remix of your style can make you more attractive. It also helps you achieve a variety of looks suitable for different occasions. To ensure your combination don’t go out of style, check out these unique separate outfit combinations.

Black jacket and grey trouser

This outfit is suitable for any formal occasion or office wear. Black and grey, when combined with a fitted inner, can produce a smart formal look. It is also a perfect look for a club or dinner date after work. You may ditch the tie for now, and go for a white or blue dress shirt.

Grey jacket and navy blue trousers

These two colors blend perfectly well and exude coolness from afar. Whether you are going for a drink with business friends or going to work, this look brings you confidence while ensuring you stay stylish. You may switch the role by trying a navy jacket and blue trousers.

Brown jacket and black pants

You have probably been told that dark colors don’t blend well. That’s right, but not when you try this combination with matching brown shoes.

Brown textured jacket with colorful inner and black trousers

A smart casual look will never look better than combining a textured jacket with trousers. Your inner can be of any color, but something bright will suit the jacket better.

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