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5 Types of Anklets Every Woman Should Own

Every stylish lady should own an anklet because they are great. They work perfectly with any casual dressing and enhance your entire outfit. Whether you are a married woman or a young lady, anklets will look stunning on your legs. 

If you don't have them already, you should consider having them as we had earlier discussed reasons you should have them in your jewelry box. If you do, awesome!

Now, learn about the different kinds of anklets available, and suitable occasions. We believe that will help you get the most out of your anklet.

Gold anklets

Mature women commonly wear gold ankles for formal occasions and events. It is easy to see the reason as gold is a luxurious jewelry item. Other unique stones used to adore the anklet include rubies and diamonds.

Silver anklet 

Silver anklets are an excellent option for younger women. While gold anklets are commonly worn for formal settings, silver anklets are reserved for casual and relaxed occasions. As such, young girls appreciate silver anklets more. Suitable events include beach events, poolside parties, evening parties, and so on.

Beaded anklets 

Beaded anklets are another option for women. It is best to only wear beaded anklets to the beach or poolside as they are more laid-back than other anklets.

Charm anklets

Charm anklets can be in the form of gold or silver. You can wear it virtually anywhere, but you should be mindful of your outfit. Your anklet should at least match your outfit or other metals on you.

Double anklets

Like necklaces, you can choose to have many layers of anklets on your ankles. Do this, especially when the anklet is thin. It is an excellent way to elevate your style.

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