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How to Read a Care Label

When was the last time you glanced through a cloth care label? A long time ago, I guess. You might not even notice the care label on your clothes until you are checking whether the cloth is worn out. Frankly, we could have saved lots of clothes only if we cared to glance through the labels.

Nonetheless, it's still not anyone's fault, as care labels have tiny inscriptions that make it stressful to read. If this description fits you, we have got a solution for you. In this guide, we will show step-by-step ways to read your care labels.

For the purpose of the entire article, a cross-over sign of all cloth symbols means you shouldn't do anything.

Dry cleaning symbols

Dry Cleaning Symbols Icons For Dryclean With Explanation Stock Illustration  - Download Image Now - iStock

These signs indicate how you should dry your clothes. 

- A small circle indicates that you must dry clean the fabric. 

- If the circle symbol has a letter inside, it tells you the kind of chemical to use.

- Bars under the circle tell the precaution you need to take.

- A cross over the circle means the fabric doesn't need dry cleaning.

Ironing signs

If the care label has no dots, it means the fabric can take any iron temperature. One dot means delicate, two means synthetic, and three means linen and cotton. A cross over the symbol means the fabric needs no ironing. 

Drying symbols

Laundry Washing Symbols Icons For Drying Stock Illustration - Download  Image Now - iStock

Under the drying symbols, a circle inside a square means you can tumble dry the cloth. One dot means low temperature, two means medium level temperature, and three means high level.


Laundry Symbols Explained - Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance

A tub with a hand signal means your fabric can be hand washed or washed delicately. This instruction is often for delicate clothes like silk. If the care label shows a twisted symbol, you can wring your clothes, while a cross over it means you shouldn't wring.

Synthetic washing

wash washing clothing instructions label polyester synthetic cloth clothes  info Stock Photo - Alamy

When it comes to synthetic washing with a tub symbol or means, you can wash your cloth in the washing machine. Use the number on the tub to apply pressure on the clothes. For instance, one bar means you should spin gently, while two bars means you should wash mildly but soon and rinse as usual. 

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