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Fashionable trendy ankara dresses for beautiful ladies

Making heads turn is admirable, but it will never beat feeling confident about what you have worn. What better way to do this than wearing the latest Ankara styles for ladies that flatter your figure? The beautiful African prints designs will leave you yearning for more. Apart from the intricate patterns, you can create multiple pieces with the Ankara.

Growing up, most people assumed that Ankara designs were a reserve of special occasions/days such as weddings, Christmas, and Sundays. Then, the styles were simple and quite similar across the board. But as years went by, local designers started thinking outside the box. In no time, Ankara prints featured in major fashion events. Also, A-list celebrities began embracing the Ankara styles. The fascinating thing about the Ankara is that you can personalize your style. There is no limitation to what the fabric can or cannot do. Today, you can make seats, throw cushions, shoes, bags, wallets, toilet paper holders and so much more with the Ankara.

Ladies tend to be conscious of what they wear. As such, they will do whatever it takes to slay. Yes, ladies will cut out a picture from a magazine or take a screenshot on Instagram and forward it to the tailor. So, what would you do to be in the know of the latest Ankara designs and own one? As you think about that, below is a detailed compilation of the Ankara styles 2018. Hopefully, you will get some inspiration for your next collection.

Perhaps the most famous by-product of the Ankara fabrics, the Ankara dresses showcase a great deal of creativity and culture. You can find different designs to wear at the office, for a function, or a casual date. According to Glamour magazines, the colors currently in season include tangerine, scarlet red, Aubergine, marigold, grey, and dusty blue. Vogue, on the other hand, opines that rapture rose, sky blue, military green, lavender, and purple are the colors of the season. Currently, for Ankara styles, most people seem interested in the precious stones shades such as sapphire, turquoise, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. But, if you do not like limiting yourself to current trends, you can try out other Ankara colors.

Other than the color, the design of your dress is also crucial. Below is a list of the Ankara dress styles 2018.

1. High low dress

Ladies, the high low dress is one of the most versatile dresses. You can wear it to brunch, office cocktails, weddings, date nights, or casual outings with your girlfriends. The dress features a high waist top half and a spin-out at the bottom. As such it can flatter all shapes and sizes.

2. The shirt-dress

Want a street-chic vibe? Then the shirt-dress is just for you. The style resembles a long shirt and is a casual wear. There are various styles and patterns for the shirt-dress. The most popular one is the button-down look. You can accessorize with a belt and a nice pair of sneakers.

3. Ankara jumpsuits

Overalls inspired the jumpsuit designs. For some time now, the jumpsuit has been a favorite for most ladies who want a chic, classy and comfortable look. Like all clothes, the jumpsuit flatters your body best when it is a perfect fit. Therefore, avoid too loose designs as they overshadow your body. On the other hand, tight jumpsuits may be uncomfortable. Also, make sure that the jumpsuit highlights your waistline as it makes you look curvy. You can accessorize with a thin belt.

1. Fringe Ankara dress

The ends of the dress have a beautiful and unique fringe finish which draws all the attention.

Also, the fringe may be on the hands.

Laces have a way of making a dress look sexy, more so if they are added on the top parts. Here are some of the most recent Ankara lace designs.

You can wear the long Ankara gowns to weddings, dinner, a ball, prom, or a Saturday outing. All that is left is to figure out which style works well for each event. Long dresses flatter women of different shapes and sizes. With these gowns, you should focus on highlighting your great features and minimizing any flaws.

1. The empire line straight dress with frontal cut

With this style, the waistline begins just below the bust while the rest of the dress flows down to the leg. It is an ideal gown for pear-shaped ladies as it shifts attention to the area around the chest and neckline.

2. Ankara ball gown

The dress is almost similar to the princess gown but has a more dramatic bottom. Even though any body shape can rock this dress, it is ideal for pear-shaped ladies as it highlights the waist and hides any flaws in the lower body. Plus, women with large busts can achieve the hourglass figure with the dress as it defines the waistline.

3. The sheath gown with a cut

Make those hips pop with the incredible trumpet Ankara designs. The dress does not have as much bulk or volume. It is ideal for ladies with the hourglass figure as it flatters the primary features.

Here are more trendy Ankara styles for weddings

1. Off shoulder princess line gown

The princess dress creates an illusion of long lines. As such flatters curvy women with relatively large busts and at the same time make them look slim. Also, the vertical lines highlight the waist area and elongate the torso. The length of such dresses varies depending on the occasion you are attending. For a wedding, choose the long gown.

2. The Trumpet

Do not confuse the trumpet with the mermaid gown as the former it has a less defined tail. Some people call it the “traditional mermaid.” The tail of the dress begins just below the hips and flows all the way down.

3. The Mermaid Gown

A sexy dress for a confident woman. The mermaid is ideal for curvy people as it defines your main features from the chest to the bottom. Slender ladies like this look as it effortlessly follows the body. Nevertheless, if you are a curvy plus size women can rock this look any day any time.

4. Peplum gown with a long tail

The peplum dress is one of the latest Ankara wedding dresses that makes your hips look more defined and covers any flaws around the waist area. The style is ideal for all body shapes and is chic and elegant.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to stay out of style or wear the same baggy clothes. Instead, you should invest in a collection of the latest maternity dresses. By doing so, you can find clothes that complement your figure through the various faces of the pregnancy.

  • Butterfly dress

You can find butterfly dresses, and Kaftan inspired dresses to wear from the first trimester to the last. In most case, the butterfly dresses are in free sizes. Therefore, as you bump grows you can still wear this dress. Also, you can wear the dress for formal and casual days. The look is available in short and long dresses and suits all body shapes and sizes.

  • Ankara shift dress

Maternity shift dresses are light, comfortable and come in different patterns. You can find the t-shirt like shift dresses that will serve you throughout the nine months. The dresses are easy to accessorize as they do not require too much detail. Further, you can also wear a formal maternity shift dress to work.

  • Ankara wrap dress

The wrap dress is a chic style whether you are pregnant or not. The style has a way of highlighting your key features and making you look gorgeous. The wrap dress shapes your baby bump.

  • Off shoulder free dress

This is one of the trendy maternity ankara styles that combines the modern off-shoulder trends and the free dress styles. As a result, you get a classy piece that you can wear to formal and informal occasions. Like with the butterfly style, the dress will adjust as your tummy grows.

Here is a sleeveless free maternity dress made from fine Ankara fabric.

  • Empire line free Ankara dress

This one of the best maternity Ankara styles. When you cannot wait to show off your growing bump, rock the empire line free dress. The style follows your curves from the area under the bust downwards. So, it will highlight the size of pregnancy.

Whenever you put on a bodycon or a short shift dress, you can always add the Ankara half jacket. The style creates an asymmetric pattern and also highlights the size of your bump.

The Ankara skirt and top style is an oldie. There are various skirts and blouse options for ladies including the following.

  • Unique Ankara styles- Ankara cowl skirt

When you want to stand out of the crowd always opt for the Ankara cowl skirt. The skirt is appealing to the eye and gives an illusion of extra hips. You can pair the Ankara cowl skirt with a bodysuit t-shirt or a vest.

  • Latest Ankara skirts- Bubble Ankara skirt

A bubble skirt is a balloon-like silhouette that features a tightly fitted waistline and billowing sides and bottoms. You can pair this skirt with your favorite denim or cotton shirt and wear it to work, school or church.

  • Trendy Ankara skirts styles- Ruffle pencil skirt

Ruffles make a skirt have more details on the sides. You can pair this skirt with a turtleneck t-shirt or a vest.

  • Latest Ankara maxi skirt styles- Maxi skirt with front cut

A cut can make a dress look sexy. However, it should not be too long or too short. Currently, ladies wear the maxi skirts with long cuts just above the knees. The look also enables you to show off your beautiful legs.

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