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Skin Care

Here's The Reason Why Your Earrings Always Smell

Ear cheese is considered as one of the natural and expected things that happens to people with pierced ears. It often comes from the gathering of dead skin and oils from the piercing site. In other words, it is simply a natural biological process.

The human body is usually renewed from time to time and replaces skin cells, and when we take our bath and cleanse, we completely get rid of the dead skin cells without even knowing. But the human ears can be a little difficult to clean, most especially with new piercings.

With the delicate nature and the sensitivity around the new piercing site, and the fact that the area is already difficult to clean, there is a regular build-up of oils and cells, which form a very thick-textured plaque. Your body might also be reacting to the new piercings, which simply means that fluids and dried-up blood also accumulate.

This accumulation not only creates a good breeding ground for those bacteria and other unwanted organisms, but also, all that gunk will leave a very bad smell – the same way a smell comes from the refuse when it stays for too long.

Aside from the new and healing ear piercings, even individuals with healed piercings may still go through the same condition if they never take out their earrings from time to time.

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