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How To Heal Pepper Feeling On Skin After Cutting Pepper

Nigerians love food!

And even more, when the meal is very hot, peppery and spicy!

But if you've ever been in a kitchen, and you've ever gone through the process of cutting FRESH, RED, NAIJA, PEPPERS, you'll agree that it is not as easy as eating the delicious meal.

Don't worry, today we'll look at different ways you can get rid of the pain, burn and redness that accompanies CUTTING PEPPER!

1| Rubbing Baking Soda Or Corn Starch (Pap):

This is a method that is readily available in most Nigerian homes.

Just get a handful of corn starch (pap) powder or baking soda and rub it on your hands or any part of your skin feeling the burns.

Add a little water to make the powder a paste and rub around the area. Leave the paste on your hands till the pain starts to calm down.

2| Use Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as milk, ice cream, yoghurt or any thing containing milk extracts, are great pain soothers from pepper burns.

Just like with the baking soda, rub the dairy products around the affected area. The lactose acid in the milk will react with the pepper oils that are causing your skin to burn.

Again, leave the milk on your skin till the pain or hotness feeling stops of goes away.

3| Use Alcohol & Spirits:

Using alcohol and alcohol based spirits can relieve you of the pain very quickly.

Infact, some might argue that it is the fastest way to get rid of hot hands and skin.

Following the principle as the others, alcohol neutralize the oils of the pepper due to its volatile states.

That means that because alcohol dries quickly and leaves a cool feeling, it should suppress the pain.

4| Washing With Dish Soap & Water:

This the most obvious for some but it is the least effective compared to the other three mentioned before it.

It doesn't work for all peppers but because it works for some, we are including it in the list anyways.

After washing a few times, the pain should start to relief you.

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Content created and supplied by: E.AOmolaju (via Opera News )

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