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100 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Every Bride-to-be Should See

100 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Every Bride-to-be Should See

A wedding day is the happiest day in every woman's life. It is a day we all dream of; walking down the aisle slowly, being held by your father or any other make relative as you make the march to meet the man you'll be spending the rest of your life with.

You'll be filled with so much joy and happiness.

That day doesn't just happen though, there's usually a lot of preparation leading to it. You'll have to plan to select the best venue (wedding hall) that will be able to sit everyone and also be convenient for all to attend, you'll plan the food and drink, the MC, DJ, the hall decoration, etc.

All of these are stressful. However, the part of the planning that isn't is picking out your wedding dress and also designing the wedding hairstyle to go for.

Since the hair is a woman's glory, you want to pick a wedding hairstyle that's not just beautiful, but also suits your shape of face.

There are so many of these wedding hairstyles to choose from. In fact, these styles are so numerous, you could become confused.

When I was getting married, I faced this confusion. I saw a catalog of so many stunning styles and instantly froze up from confusion. I finally chose one then changed my mind ten minutes later and then again after 20 minutes. The stylist became tired of me. That's how confusing it can get!

Nigerians are truly creative when it comes to hairstyles and no matter your taste, you will see a hairstyle just for you.

Before getting married, I used to think you had to wear straight weaves that would then be rolled into a packing hairstyle, but then I saw the catalog and got to know that you can wear just about any hairstyle!

Some brides still choose to wrap their straight weaves, while some have chosen to break the conventional method and now fix corkscrew curly wedding hairstyles.

It gets more interesting as even braids can now be worn as a wedding hairstyle. Yes, you heard right, braids. So, if you have your hair in braids, you don't have to lose it before the Big Day. Some brides are even choosing to fix this style from scratch as their wedding hairstyle of choice.

It gets more interesting! Did you know that even low cut can be worn as a wedding hairstyle? Surprisingly, right? 

But there are pictures of the bride who were daring enough to choose this as their wedding hairstyle of choice, and since they are naturally blessed with beauty, they rocked it!

Enough talk! Lol. I present you more hairstyles to choose from. The idea is to spoil you for that upcoming big day of yours.

Do let us know which of these wedding hairstyles is your absolute favorite in the comments section (more than one is also allowed!)

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