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"Homeboy Industry" is Helping Former Gang Members Get Rid of Visible Tattoos in Los Angeles.

Many individuals who have visible tattoos in their body at some point in their life wished they didn't get one. This is the case with former gang members who had visible tattoos on different parts of their body.

Just recently, 'Homeboy industries' released a video online about a program their kicked off in Los Angeles, California to help former gang members get rid of their visible tattoos.

This is a step to help them find a better purpose for their lives as well as get rid of the past and the memory of their past.

It may interest you to know that having a visible tattoo on your body can deprive one of different opportunities, for instance;

Most reputable companies may demand that you must not have a visible tattoo on your body before they would consider you for employment.

"This is the major difficulty we face as repentant gang members" according to one of the beneficiary.

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