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Signs that Indicates Your Bra is Worn Out

The bra is the best friend of every mature lady. Even if you don't like it, you must have worn it several times. Now, quick check! Do you remember when you bought your favorite bra? Three months? Five months, or six months? 

If your answer is six months, there is a high chance that your bra has reached its expiry date. The expiry date here is not about the end date of the employer but the time when your bra has shown signs of wear and tear. 

According to Insider, you should change your bra after eight months or when it's out of shape. However, we all know how hard it is to let go of your favorite everyday companion and comfort. Finding another similar excellent and supportive bra is as hard as trying to get into another relationship. 

The process is quite long, as you might not get the same features you saw in your previous bra. Nonetheless, bras have their shelf life, and not changing them on time is harmful.

Check out these signs to see if it's time to let go of your best friend.

Your bra is over eight months old

Even if you wear your bra once a week, the highest shelf life should be between 8 months and a year. By this time, the band and straps are already stretched out. And without this support, you don't have a bra.

Your bra is uncomfortable 

If you find yourself adjusting your bra when you go outside, then your bra is telling you something. Even after you excused yourself to check it in the bathroom, if you notice no change, then waste no time.

Your bra is out of shape

If the round cups of your bra start losing their shape, turning to oblong or nothing you can't label, or the padding starts shifting, then your bra has stopped working. Also, you should change your bra when the cup feels small.

Your bra is stretched

The first clasp of your bra should offer you a firm fit on a normal day. However, when you place it on the third clasp and feel slacked or lost, your bra is no longer doing its job.

Painful underwire

This sign is often the last straw that breaks the bra's back for many women. Nothing is as painful as the sudden poke your bra underwire gives you when you least expected. Don't wait till you experience the pain for long before changing it.

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