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How To Combine Damask Or Lace Outfits With Gele Head Wraps

Damask or lace outfits won't look good when combined wrongly with another fabric, headwrap, shoe, or jewelry. This is why you need to know the best way to combine a damask and lace outfit with gele head wraps.

Head wraps are fabrics used to adorn or cover the female hair. Some ladies wear head wraps for the sole purpose of religion, usually when they are going to church. But our focus in this article isn't on the reason why women put on head wraps. Our focus would be on how you can enhance your physical appearance by combining a damask outfit with a head wrap; 

1. Make your clothes and head wrap out of the same fabric.When using this method, you won't consume a lot of fabric because it's the same textile that will serve both purposes.

2. The second way is to use a different material to make your head wrap. This pattern might stress you a little bit because you might have to check so many fashion shops to get the color and texture that would be suitable for both the cloth and the head wrap. 

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