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Stop Doing These 4 Hairstyles, It Can Give You Strong Headache

A headache may be influenced by a lot of factors, including stress, high blood pressure an accident, or even the atmosphere. The style you dress your hair can also play a role in causing you to get a pain. Some hairdos which exert pressure on your head can cause discomfort.

Bright Side conducted analysis to determine which hairdos can cause headaches. Don't forget to read the rest of the article for more information on how to deal with this and which hairstyles are healthy.

Ponytail No. 1

There are very vulnerable nerves beneath your hair follicles and in your scalp that can detect pain. A ponytail can cause a headache by causing a feeling of tightness in several nerves at the same time. Ponytail headache disorder is a fairly common ailment.

2. Headbands

Women who carry tight headdress can experience headaches as well. This type of headache is known as an external tension headache, and it occurs whenever something on your head exerts constant force on your scalp or forehead. This form of headache is often characterized as having a mild, persistent pressure, and it pains the most where the object is pressing against your head. The pain can worsen if you've been wearing tight headwear for a long time.

3. Braids that are too tight

External compression headaches can also be caused by too tight braids. whenever your hair is fastened too tightly, it puts extra strain on your scalp, which can cause a headache as well as damage to your hair. External compression headaches trigger certain people more than others, according to medical experts, due to underlying causes. During their menstrual cycle, for example, some women's scalps can become more responsive.

4. The use of hair extensions

Tightly knotted hair extensions can give you a beautiful tresse, but they can still give you a terrible migraine. Absurd pushing on the hair roots follicles can allow neurons in the scalp to become sensitive, and adding too much weight to your hair causes strain on your head. Hair, implants unlike any other hairstyle, are worn all the time, putting constant pressure on your scalp.

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