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Have You Seen The Mysterious Fish With The Lips And Teeth Of a Human? [PHOTOS]

Have you seen the mysterious fish that has a human lips and teeth? [PHOTOS]

You might be surprised or shocked when you see the pictures of this fish with lips and teeth that

looks exactly like a human's. The fish is called the Triggerfish, when the photo of the fish was

posted on twitter it received more than 14,000 likes and has been retweeted and commented

Over 8,000 times. Some have conspiracy that the fish is not real while some totally believe the

fish to be real. A woman in upstate New York made what some called a catch of a lifetime

when she reeled in fish that appears to have two mouth

As surprising as this might sound but it is true this creatures are actually real. Some of them are deep beneath the Sea and ocean where eyes can not easily see.

Well is not every day we see or hear something so surprising and great like this feel free to share this with anyone you think will get surprise reading about this fish and it's mysterious features

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