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Ladies, Check Out These Stylish Ways To Lay Your Hair Edges

Hair edges is one common fashion among ladies these days. Hardly would you go out without seeing a lady with a nice and beautiful laid hair edges. This act does not limit to religion as it is done by both Christian and Muslim ladies.

Hair Edges are the hair remains on the fore head which are glued down with the help of a gel and brush which is used to style it in different ways. Hair Edges makes your face look more classy and attractive.

Hair edges are done by ladies who weaved there hair and those who uses wigs. After placing your wig on your head, there are some remaining hair on your forehead that might make your face look rough. You do not have to worry about this. All you need is some hair gel and brush and you are good to go. You put some gel on the hair and use the brush to cut them out in the way you want it to be.

In this article, I will be taking you some ways you can lay your hair edges. Check them out below:

1: First of all to lay your edges, you must have some hair on your forehead that is not weaved. If you want your edges to be thick, you can intentionally leave some hair out when weaving.

2: Get a nice and original hair gel to use. Make sure the hair gel is something that works with your hair. Some hair and stubborn and might not be glued with ordinary for cheap gel. If you are rocking your hair in it's natural form, you don't have to worry about this. Most natural hair can be glued with any gel.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

3: Get a brush to use in cutting out your edges style. If you do not have a brush at home, you can use a tooth brush as an alternative.

4: This is the real step where you lay your edges. You start by putting some gel on the hair and then brushing it to the back. After this, you pick up your toothbrush or hair brush and carefully design it the way you want.

Below are some designs you can pick from:

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

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