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Check Out Beautiful Designs Of Arabian Traditional Clothes You'll Love To Rock In Nigeria (Photos)

In different regions of the world, people have different clothes which they put on as their traditional attires. Although you might not belong to the group of people, you can also decide to put on the traditional attires if you love 'em. Right now, let's talk about Thawbs. Thawbs are popularly known to be worn by the Arabians, it is undoubtedly their traditional clothing.

It looks very beautiful and it is made with fine cotton, and they're mostly white, but you can sew any color you like. Men look very handsome in Thawbs, and they are worn mostly by Arabians in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran Pakistan, and other African countries.

You can decide to wear it here in Nigeria to any occasion of your choice. You can also decide to sew it in different styles, colors, and designs to your taste. The dress looks very long, it's not short, it's best sewn and worn that way. Like, share, and follow me up.

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