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What To Avoid When It Comes To Makeup: Dos And Don'ts

We all want to appear our best while applying makeup, utilizing high-quality products on healthy skin to create the best canvas for our creativity.

Here are some cosmetics hints and tips that can help you achieve the greatest results. Because none of us lives long enough to make all of the mistakes, some of the things to avoid are included alongside suggestions. 

Do's and Don'ts for Your Skin 

DO use makeup on a clean, oil-free face. If your skin isn't clean, the surface isn't smooth enough for make-up to sit on, resulting in a dreary appearance.

DO wash your makeup sponges to remove the foundation from them. When you don't wash your sponges, you're inviting germs into your home, which can lead to skin outbreaks. Allow the sponges to air dry after they have been washed on a regular basis. 

DO NOT fall asleep with your makeup on. Concealer and foundation can clog pores and produce spots. To remove all impurities and provide the skin with the oil it requires, it is critical to wash, tone, and moisturize. 

Dos and Don'ts for foundation

DO use your fingers to blend in a color correcting concealer, as the warmth from your skin aids in blending. Use a small amount and set it with translucent powder to prevent it from blending with the foundation color.

DON'T APPLY TOO MUCH FOUNDATION, OR IT WILL APPEAR HEAVY AND UNNATURAL. Start with a little amount and build up as needed to achieve a flawless, natural-looking finish. 

Do's and Don'ts for Eyes 

DO maintain your brows in their natural form and only tweeze them after a shower, when pores are open from the heat and hairs are much simpler to remove.

DON'T put another coat of mascara on top of the one you've had on all day. Before applying the next coat, prepare the eyelashes by wetting a clean spoolie brush and combing it through the lashes. 

DO NOT use regular eye-makeup remover to remove waterproof mascara; instead, use only waterproof eye-makeup remover. Anything else will result in the eyelashes being destroyed as a result of the hard treatment, and the mascara will still be left on. 

Dos and Don'ts for lipstick

When applying lip gloss or lipstick, always use a lip brush. This not only ensures a more precise application, but it also reduces the danger of contaminating bacterials on the color or gloss.

If you want the perfect nude lipstick, consider a hue that is either lighter or darker than your natural lip color. It can look a little ghostly if the match is too close with some skin tones.

DON'T use dark-colored lipsticks on thin lips because dark colors make lips appear smaller. Instead, highlight the lips with bright, rich colors. A classic red looks great on everyone. 

On a general note, do learn more about cosmetics so that you can provide the finest care for your skin and the best make-up for the look you want to achieve. Consider paying a visit to a cosmetic artist who can assess your makeup and possibly assist you in experimenting with new ideas and letting go of any unhealthy old habits.

Most importantly, don't follow a trend because it's fashionable; first, be sure the style matches you; else, you risk looking like a clown. For some folks, the look of thick brows, blush stripes, or smudged dark eyeshadow simply does not work. And that's fine.

Follow up for more beauty tips and fashion updates. Please like , share and air your thoughts below.

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