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Guaranteed Result: How To Make The Best Hair Growth Remedy

Hi, welcome to my channel. Today's article is about how you can grow your hair faster with natural homemade remedies. This method will help you to grow, regrow, and thicken your hair faster.

The process of making this hair remedy is simple, and it's very effective. The ingredients I used in this article are Curd, Ritha Powder, and Shikakai Powder.



Add 3 tablespoons of Curd into a bowl. ( Curd is originally from India, it is made with raw milk and any citric fruits. You can buy it from any supermarket near you, you can also check out my previous articles on how to make curd at home)

2. Add a tablespoon of Ritha. ( Ritha or sometimes called Soap Berries is very effective for hair growth, it can make your hair shine really fine, it can also serve as a natural shampoo. You can buy it from any supermarket near you, or from any online store in Nigeria).


Add a tablespoon of Shikakai Powder and mix it well. ( Shikakai Powder is highly rich with Vitamin A, C, and D, it is very healthy for rapid hair growth. The product is mostly used in Indian Subcontinent and can be found in any part of the world. Just order it from any online stores in Nigeria).


This is how it will look after mixing. Apply this natural remedy on your scalp, and on every part of your hair, down to the hair tip. Massage it very well, and leave it for 20-30 minutes, after leaving it, use your shampoo to wash it clean.

The End:

After washing, moisturize your hair with with Coconut or Olive Oil. If you apply this remedy on your hair for 2-3 times a week, you will start seeing how your hair will growl like never before. Please share this article.

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