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Get Rid Of Insomnia By Massaging Your Ears - Do It Like This

Get Rid Of Insomnia By Massaging Your Ears - Do It Like This

Massaging of ears or simply ear simulation has a soothing effect on the body. This makes it an effective solution to lack of sleep. Do this before bedtime to loosen up and calm yourself down. Although this alone is not the perfect solution to get rid of insomnia, it is a procedure that will help you relax and sleep anytime soon. To make this procedure effective, you can add other natural treatments with it. 

How to perform an ear massage on yourself

- While holding your ear with your thumb and index finger, gently pull the top of your ear. Now, rub your fingers forth and back slowly while getting to the outer edge of your ear.

- Using downward movements, stroke the crease behind your ear. Another thing to do is to trace the curves and outlines of your ear auricle. Also, pinch your ear lobe with your fingers while gently moving up your ear. 

- Pull your earlobe away from your head. Also, pinch the ear lobe between your fingers again and make circular movements with them while slowly kneading the lobe. 

 - Pull down the skin at the back of the ear and move it down to the outline of the ear. Follow this same pattern down with your fingers to the base of your jawline. 

- Cover your ear completely with your palm. Don't just cover your ears, apply little pressure while sliding through the ear down to the top part of your auricle curl.

- Lastly, cover your ear auricle with your palm again and make circular movements with the palm of your hands. 

Follow these procedures and start feeling great again. You will be able to sleep well and prevent longer insomnia. Do you have any other ear massaging techniques you can share? Feel free to do that in the comment section below. 

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