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Things To Learn From Nini's Recent Appearance That Will Inspire Fashion Lovers

Popular Big Brother Naija Star, Nini is a fashion lover who always rock classy and trendy wears. Her recent fashion sense will serve as inspiration to other ladies who love fashion.

Below are few things a fashionista can learn from the recent appearance of Nini.

1. Her Choice of Dress and Colour was perfect. Nini wore a perfectly sewn short lace gown, which has a combo of two matured colours that made a great compliment to her skin tone.

Every fashionista stepping out for events, is expected to rock outfits that has a matching colour to her skin tone, so her appearance can be attracting to sights. In Nini's recent look, she wore the short lace gown, and its colour perfects her light skin, which gave her a bold and captivating view.

2. The designs on her outfit and sewing styles were unique and topnotch. Looking at her outfit styling as a fashionista, must say it's among the unqiue sewings i have ever seen.

Stylings are simple and body fitting, as it's an off shoulder gown, which has no hands but held her real good, to show that the designer got a perfects measurement of her body.

We all know that measurement is another aspect of sewing that should be considered. Always make sure your designer picks an accurate measurement of your body, so you can get a perfect finish work, just as you can see it done on Nini.

Also, the designs are another unqiue fashion sense, as she had some artificial shinning designs on her dress, which made her glow. Also love how the designer joined to different materials, as her hand part had another material attachment of brown colour, and it also did good to suit her skin tone.

The curves on her breast part, is another high sense of fashion that can be copied by other designers.

3. Her make-up played a great role in perfecting her beauty and making her glow in appearance. The choice of lipstick colour also perfects her hair colour, which is another sense of fashion that should be copied by young fashionistas when dressing up for special events.

4. Her Choice of footwear and other fashion accessories were perfect. She rocked a high heels, which heels are the perfect type of footwear that is perfect for such attire. The colour of her high heels, compliments her skin and also her attire.

Every fashionista dressing up for events, should always consider the choice of footwear and colour, because all types of footwear have different outfits they compliment. Also take note of the footwear's colour, and make sure it has a compliment to either your skin or attire.

Also her hair colour was superb, as it also played great in offering her a stunning look. Every young lady that wants to look great and outstanding when stepping out, can gain idea from the recent fashion sense of Nini.

Drop your comment if you learnt something new from this recent fashion sense of Nini.

Photo Credit: Instagram / singhniniofficial

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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