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Different Places To Attach Another Type Of Fabric To Your Cord Lace Gown

Lace gowns may not really look complete and beautiful without a touch of another type, color and texture of material. You can add another type, color and texture of material to your corded lace gowns in a so many ways, including:

1. The front area of the lace gown; Adding a different color and type of material to the front area of your chord lace gown will definitely give you a very beautiful and amazing look and you'll also appear differently. Some common examples are displayed below; you can still make use a different color of cord lace to make the front.

2. The sleeves and the hem of the gown should be made with a different fabric; This is another lovely way to attach another type of fabric to your cord lace gown. The both sleeves could have a different fabric. The hem, sleeves and body of the gown could all have three different fabrics, but note that some parts must be sewn with lace fabric.


.3. Finally, the shoulder parts and necklines can be made of an ankara or satin material. Please be mindful when adding another fabric to the neckline in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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