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Reasons Why I Miss School So Dearly

I miss school. Not that i miss those endless lectures and programmes, but because I miss the feeling of being in school, of having a schedule and following through with it. I miss the feeling of being taught again and again by different people with various methods, of being in the same class with people with whom i have one common goal, to get a degree.

I miss dressing corporate, in my tie and shoe, watching friends get sent out of the laboratory for not dressing properly. I miss our quiz sessions, how we speak subtly with every part of our body. And of course i miss that new lecturer, what's his name again? his very gentle demeanor, how he was so quiet but still managed to command respect of all (even that of those my troublesome class boys), how he spoke those big big grammar as though it was not the Nsukka in Enugu that he finished from; his baby face with finely trimmed moustache, his accent, a proper mixture of Ibo and Oxford English... you should hear him talk, it's beautiful, how he picks his words gently as though words in itself could break; his pink lips my class girls would not stop talking about. 

I miss the rainy days, how we rolled up our already wet trousers and shared one umbrella, how my shoe got soaked with rain water, how we took the longer tarred road that lead to the school library.

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