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See 20 beautiful photos of 5-year-old twins taking Instagram by storm as models, influencers

 As you know, we have different types of influencers on Instagram. You must have heard about beauty, fashion, food, brands influencers and more. However, do you know there are also kid influencers? The good thing about these kid influencers is that they are good at what they do just like their grown-up counterparts.

kid influencers refer to children under the age of 16 who have built or are building a strong presence on social media platforms especially with the help of their parents who can monitor their followers, posts and comments. The aim is for them to relate very well with their age demographic and adults alike.

So, if you’re a follower of kid’s model or kid influencers on Instagram, then, you definitely should know about the beautiful unidentical twin sister’s popularly known as ‘The Unidentical Duo’ on Instagram.

Their real names are Olianna and Olivia Daramola. They are young but famous for their fashion sense and poses. These beautiful young style and lifestyle kid models are great brand influencers for children clothing brands. And with their swag, it is indeed safe to say that they are taking over Instagram by storm.

Well, even if the brand's target audience is kids, their parents are the ones with the decision-making power. Hence, their Instagram account is being managed by their mother, Adetutu Daramola and she’s their creative director as well. She makes the decision on behalf of her kids.

Their mother uses the platform as a medium to get creative with her kids. She posts beautiful styled photos and photo-shoots of the girls for their every day look, fashion brands, events attended and lots more.

Daramola siblings

The Daramola siblings are four in number, namely Shawn Seyi Daramola (7-years-old), Olianna Daramola also known as Lily (5-year-old), her twin sister, Olivia Daramola aka mama (5-year-old), and their three-year-old sister, Amariah Daramola (Popo).

Although, all the children are featured on the account but the 5-year-old twins, on Olianna and Olivia, are definitely the stars of the account and our focus as well. They are undoubtedly a force to reckon with when it comes to children style and lifestyle modelling and influencing in Nigeria. Olianna and Oliva have modelled for numerous fashion brands. They have also been photographed wearing apparel from various designers.

During shoots, they strike various poses like professionals with lots of confidence that will endear you more to them. These kid models have over 100k followers on Instagram and still counting.

Facially and height wise, Olianna and Oliva are not identical probably that's the reason their Instagram page is named "The Unidentical Duo." However, they complement each other when it comes to fashion and style.

In every post, their mother dresses them up in various trendy, stylish and colourful outfits and accessories that are similar but in different colours as they strike cool poses. They really seem to be born fashionista and slayers. The little girls simply look adorable together always doing what they love to do.

 Both girls have an extraordinary sense for fashion which they love to present in front of the camera. They have also walked the runway for some well-known brands.

Although they love fashion, when it comes to their education, the girls do very well in school. The girls love different colours, food and hobbies as well.

In a recent interview with Mediaroomhub, their mother, Adetutu revealed how it all started for the girls. According to her, she loves playing dress-up with her kids, but she was not a fan of social media. But, close friends advised her to start dressing them up and posting their photos on Instagram as they will do well. That was what led to her opening an Instagram account for the kids and it has paid off today. She added that it was just a hobby for her when she was pregnant with Popo but today, it has become a passion.

The future is very bright for this adorable duo. No doubt that the exposure and chance to partner with big brand names can truly set them up as kid influencers for life and they, in turn, can bring a breath of fresh air to any brand. Without a doubt, there will be more celebrity kid influencers over the coming years as social media becomes more and more important to brands.

You can’t help but love these kid models, The Unidentical Duo. So what do you really like about them, their style, self confidence or pose? What do you think about them? Let's know in the comment section.

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Photos: Instagram

Content created and supplied by: AngieD (via Opera News )

Olianna Olivia Daramola


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