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Check out beautiful photos of Asians rocking Ankara styles made by a Nigerian

It is a normal thing to see an African or a dark skinned person look good in Ankara fabrics which has its roots in Africa, but these days many brilliant fashion designers are taking it to a whole new level.

One would be surprised to see light skinned people looking good in Ankara wears, but a brilliant Singapore based Nigerian lady Ifeoma Ubby is putting us on the map with her classic, casual, and glamorous Ankara styles which is seen worn by Asians in these pictures.

Ifeoma Ubby is the founder and designer of Olive Ankara, a fashion brand that blends African fabrics with Italian designs to make unique clothes for women of all colors. Check out more about her here.

According of Ifeoma herself: "The concept at the base of OliveAnkara is very simple and yet quite disruptive: make African inspired clothes that can be worn by women of all races. African fashion has deep roots and rich history, but if you notice, it's all centred on black people and very traditional designs. I aim to change the common perception that African prints look good only on black people, because I strongly believe it's not true! I believe that colours and patterns typical of Ankara fabrics can look good on women of all colours! Some may think it's a form of cultural appropriation, I think it's not. I deeply respect my roots and the cultures of Africa, and I think there is nothing wrong in evolving into new styles and concepts, always keeping in mind and respecting where they come from and where they are going. I believe that mixing styles and cultures can only benefit people, open their minds and show them something they never saw before."

Check out more beautiful photos of Asians rocking Ankara outfits below:

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