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FASHIONISTAS: See How To Style Your Vintage Shirts

As we all know, fashion trends recycle. This is generally referred to as Vintage – old clothing originating from a previous era.

These days, vintage dressing entails mixing vintage clothing with new trends and creating an ensemble of various styles. Vintage shirts are one of the most common form of vintage clothing.

Vintage shirts are unique wears that have evolved over the years from runways to stores. They add extra sauce to every wardrobe as they give you an array of beauty and glamour.

They are usually of different shades and patterns. Whether chequered, polka dot, animal prints or emblazoned with cartoon characters, they stand out while giving you an elegant look.

Scroll down to see how they can be styled.

Long Multi-Colored Black Rose Vintage Shirts

Vintage Shirts

This vintage shirt is a perfect piece that can be styled with a bottom belt, felt hat and a pair of black ankle boots. To achieve this eye-catching, sophisticated look, you can have two buttons down and accessorize it with a simple necklace.

You can as well accentuate the dress with a brooch clipped on the left side of the shirt and a wrist-watch to add more color to the outfit.

The good news about styling a multi-colored vintage shirt is that it gives you room to choose any color of shoe you want. So when next you plan slaying to any casual outing, a multi-colored vintage shirt is the right piece for you.

Rainbow Colored Short-Sleeved Vintage Shirts

Vintage Shirts

Usually, colors like pink, blue and yellow are naturally cool, feminine colors. Attires with feminine colors tend to make you more girly and chic; they also project the skin tone.

So imagine what a vintage shirt with a touch of the feminine color will look like if styled properly. You can pair a short-sleeved rainbow print vintage shirt with a denim mini skirt or a pair of blue/black skinny jeans.

You can tuck it in with a brown belt or any color of belt you choose from the colors of the shirt. You can as well style them with white sneakers or a pair of boots to complement your look.

When styling a vintage shirt, it is important to take cognizance of the way you style them. For the short sleeve, as shown above, you may decide to have the sleeves folded two inches upward or better still leave the sleeve the way it is, you’d still look stylish and classic.

Patterned Vintage Shirts

If I have to choose an outfit for a party, evening meeting, picnic or any other casual events, a pair of sneakers, black jeans or pants, a head warmer and a vintage shirt will be just the right outfit for me. As shown above, the easiest way to style vintage shirt is to leave it simple and easy.

Too many color combinations can create some aura of awkwardness and discomfort because vintage, as it is named, is a classic wear on its own. To achieve your desired chic look, pair this vintage shirt with a pair of black skinny pants or trousers to complement that breathtaking look.

Flowery Vintage Short Sleeve

Vintage Shirts

Flowery vintage shirts are special all-around wears that give you a high sense of belonging. Whether long or short sleeved, they make a good pair with ripped jeans, high-waisted denim shorts or a pair of boyfriend jeans.

You can have the vintage shirt tucked in, flown above the waist or the edge, tied to one side, depending on how you want to style it.

For the sexy look you decide to achieve, it is advisable to leave the shirt flown open or better still have it buttoned up and tucked in with a good belt and a pair of sneakers to complement.

Vintage shirts with flowery prints are better choices for any casual occasion as they do not select skin colors. They look good on any skin type and color and give you an extra vintage look.

Polka dot Vintage Shirts

Vintage Shirts

Polka dot vintage shirts are rare materials that are considered to be elegant, popular and fashionable in its way. Polka dot vintage shirts are trendy dresses that can be paired with just anything ranging from skirts, trousers, pants with a leather jacket.

The polka dot vintage shirts are much-prized possession of high profile celebrities and the boss ladies because of its ability to stand you out in the crowd.

To keep it simple or high-flying, pair the polka dot vintage shirt with a mini skirt and a pair of flats or heels, then accessorize with a necklace and a pair of statement earrings. For casual outings and meetings, you can pair them with a pair of ripped jeans trousers and befitting heels.

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