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Skin Care

Tips to Prevent Smelly Feet and Shoes

Do you remember that awful smell when someone removes their legs in your office? It is a common scenario in offices, especially during lunch breaks, and it can be quite embarrassing. Smelly feet or shoes are one of the commonest issues people face. It results from the accumulation of moisture which has created a safe environment for germs to survive. The feet have close to 3000 sweat glands, so this is expected.

With a few lifestyle changes and strategies, your shoes can smell nice again.

1. Always keep your feet neat

Before taking your bath at all (both in the morning and night), always use an antiseptic to wash your feet, especially the heels and in between your toes.

2. Scrub your feet once a week

Dead skin sometimes grows on the feet due to age and some lifestyle choices, and they can be a habitable place for germs. Remove these worn-out skin with a soft scrubbing brush at least once a week.

3. Keep your toenails short

Aside from harboring germs, long nails can make your feet hurt when you wear shoes. Keep your toenails shorts and wash them regularly.

4. Change your socks often

Wearing one pair of socks for the whole week is unhygienic. The accumulation of sweat over many days can lead to an awful smell.

5. Change your shoes

One way to call on stinky feet is to wear one pair of shoes repeatedly. Try to get other suitable pairs of shoes you can switch.

6. Dry your shoes

After a very sunny day, the best you can do for your shoes is to let in some air after coming back from work.

7. Use antiperspirant

Feet antiperspirant reduces sweat and gives a pleasant smell. You can also spray your shoes minimally from a distance before drying them.

8. Soak your feet in vinegar or salt

Give your feet a little manicure by soaking them in warm salt or vinegar solution for 15 to 30 minutes once a week. It will help you get rid of any bacteria that might be growing.

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