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Timeless Fashion: Spice Up Your Wardrobe With Some Retro

One of the most interesting things about fashion is that it able recycling and upcycling 

1. Retro shirt with modern jacket

Fuse the old with the new by mixing an old piece like a retro shirt with a modern jacket and tailored trousers.

2. Suspenders with different outfits

Suspenders are a versatile accessory that goes with any kind of English outfit whether a t-shirt, button-down, collar neck shirts, jean trousers, shorts, chinos or tailored trousers. In fact, they are one major accessory that loudly speaks retro and they can give the perfect twist to your look - work, dinner, casual and beach party look alike.

3. Light blue jeans

Add a retro twist to your everyday look with straight light blue jean trousers in your wardrobe. The retro trousers style often has a high waist and extra length (that can be folded up) effect, so ensure your jeans are a bit high to give your outfit an old school look.

4. Retro Glasses

Retro glasses are like those that our daddies used to wear. Do you remember their frames? Exactly. Having glasses like that is sufficient to change your entire dress style. 

5. Fedora hats

This is one piece that will always be relevant and that is because it's quite versatile. Having a fedora hat on especially when complemented with a suspender will take your observers down memory lane of fashion in the the1920s without taking away your modern look. 

6. Polka dotted short sleeve shirts

Polka-dotted shirts are retro pieces from the 1940s that are drill over much in style, adopt a polka dot item into your wardrobe for some retro style.

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Timeless Fashion


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