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Facts you probably didn't know about women


Yes, you read the caption of the most difficult subjects to study. If they were to be a course, we would've had carryovers. Well, most of us though.....

Some people say their yes means no, yes means maybe, maybe means yes, maybe means no and no means maybe....very straight-forward right?

Yet, complex as they may seem, they're very unique and amazing creatures given to us by God, and here are a few wonderful facts you might want to know about them....

1 Women see more colours than men. They tend to see an average of 20% more colours than men do, hence the constant arguments about the colour of that dress...

2 They have a lower resistance to alcohol. They have the tendency to be affected by alcohol more than men.

3 A woman tends to be more attractive when she's more fertile. Men tend to find women who have given birth, or don't use birth control pills more attractive.

4 Women hate taking risks. Women have a way of avoiding risks due to their trait we all term as motherly instincts.

5 They are more likely to choose style over comfort. Women have a way of always wanting to be in vogue with their counterparts, and they are even prepared to sacrifice their precious comfort to make sure they look their best, and maybe even better...

6 They have a heightened sense of smell. It has been proven that women have a heightened sense of smell and as such, have the ability to pick up scents that men's noses would normally pass off...

7 It is proven that women's brains are 9% smaller than their male counterparts, hence, their brain cells are densely packed...

8 They are better at continuing conversations and leading people. That's because they have an ability to read facial expressions, voices and notice mood changes in people.

9 They have a tendency to live longer.

These and many more constitute the wonderful creatures called women. They have even more characteristics than these and feel free to drop any you've noticed in the comment section below

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