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Ankara styles to keep you stylish

Do you pick out your clothes everyday? Of cause you do, even 5 year old’s pick out their own clothes and so you can’t go about saying you don’t have a style or a type of look you are most comfortable with. While your style might not necessary be the best for you, the fact that you can put one or two pieces together is enough to start your development.

Our aim is to help you identify the types of pieces that you like, once you know this you are sure to have a clue on the styles you would like to have tailored. You see, this post is all about the Ankara fabric and the many ways you can make it work for you, but first we have to make sure that you upgrade your taste.

Having style means you have to have been developing it slowly but there comes a time in a girls life that she has to access her arsenal. Your wardrobe is your arsenal and so you need to do a thorough check and while you are at it ask yourself these question

Do you have a predominant color?

Whats the major fabric in your closet?

Are your clothes mostly extreme casual?

Do you have 17 pairs of slacks/joggers and just 2 pairs of skirt?

Once you are able to answer this question (accordingly) you would find that you have been able to clear out the things you need from the one’s you don’t.

Well… Now that you gone through a wardrobe haul, its tine to look at the Ankara styles you need to keep your stylish;

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