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Three months after world record as woman with the darkest skin; recent stunning photos of Nyakim

She has been nicknamed queen of the dark and as hilariously eccentric as that sounds, the nickname is in order.

From south Sudanese, her story is a big inspiration for all African women. Especially ones who have been cajoled because of their dark pigmentation.

Her parents had to flee maiwut, South Sudan because of the civil war to Gambela Ethiopia where she was born. From there they migrated to Kenya, living in refugee camps until they finally moved to the United States when she was only 14.

Her name is Nyakim Gatwech, born 27th January 1993( aged 27). Nyakim has gone on to attract the massive followers on Instagram including prominent personalities(like our own mama jam jam, Tiwa Savage). Not just on social media, she has drawn the world's attention to how flawless being a black woman with a black skin can be.

Featuring on countless fashion magazines and cosmetic adverts, including running her own model agency, she has become voice for women struggling with their skin color. Admittedly, she too struggled with the pressure to bleach her skin when she was much younger.

Back in April, she reportedly entered the guiness world record as woman with the darkest skin. Although, new reports suggest that was only a rumor. Be that as it may, we still love her and thank her for being African and proud!

More lovely pictures below👇

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